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About PITW
The most frequent question I get asked as an artist is: How did you come up with that? While I
somehow always stumble my way through a coherent answer, it is undeniable that creativity
begets more creativity. I’m always doing creative activities that combine and recombine ideas to
create something new. Like a sport, it takes practice to develop your creative muscles.

I started PITW with the belief that creativity is natural in all of us but often lost as we grow up.
Yet it’s fundamental to unleashing our human potential throughout life. PITW aims to grow and
expand the building blocks of creativity through exploring the creative process in art, crafts and
photography, simply and playfully. It's not just about doing these things for their own sake, it's
about breaking through mental barriers about materials and techniques.

The PITW goal is a new mindset: a different kind of awareness for rethinking categories, getting
out of ruts, and challenging accepted norms. I call it "everyday" creativity because PITW is
about inspiring just that: creativity that stays with you all the time, that takes you from the
ordinary to the unknown by fusing together different processes to create unexpected outcomes.

I hope you enjoy PITW as a place to do, to express, to share, to grow, to inspire, and a chance
to weave creativity into other areas of your life.

About Phil
Phil Hansen is a multimedia artist who works at the intersection of traditional visual art,
pointillism, and offbeat techniques, using media that connect to the subject matter, such as
karate chops, tricycle wheel imprints, burger grease, and worms.
His work has been featured
on the Discovery Channel, Oops TV England, Japanese TBS, Clips Mania Germany, CNN, CBS,
Good Morning America, the Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Phil, and many other media venues. As a
commercial artist, he has worked with clients that include Grammy’s, Skype, Diesel, Arby's,
Merck, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, and dozens of other large and small companies.

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