Print anything on Toilet Paper


Here are some masterpieces I printed on toilet paper. I was surprised at the stricking quality of TP printing. Watch the video and tips below to see how to do this yourself!

The Kiss on Toilet Paper

Mona Lisa on Toilet Paper

The Birth of Venus on Toilet paper

I’m waiting for someone to come over and use my bathroom!!! This can make a great Candid Camera moment.

There’s a theme for each webisode. Since this one is all about toilet paper, I tried to brainstorm all the things I can do w/TP. Printing on TP was one of the first things that hit me, but I wasn’t sure what kind of quality I could pull off. I also thought about a way to print that can be easily but with practice, replicated by other people. Could I put it through a printer? Could I paint on it? Then I remembered seeing a “Lost Dog” sign on one of my walks. The image and text were all runny because it was printed on an inkjet printer and rained on. I wondered if just getting the TP wet first would be the solution. Turns out it was, and such a simple, elegant solve!

Watch the video here to see the demo. A few key points below the video may help!

Key points:

  1. Spray the TP with water and stretch it out so there are no wrinkles.
  2. Be quick. The faster you can get the image from the printer to the TP, the better the results.
  3. Don’t give up! It may take a few tries but you will only get better.

Now find an image you want to put on TP and do it! Be sure to leave it for someone else to use in the bathroom! Take some pictures, maybe a video, and send them to me. Can’t wait to share your awesome work in the web show! Also let us know if you discover interesting tidbits along the process!

10 thoughts on “Print anything on Toilet Paper

  1. If your print is turning out too light, here’s the fix!
    1. (not wet enough) The TP should be clearly wet, not in a puddle, but when you have it on a dark surface you can’t see any dry parts.
    2. (the ink dried) Try prepping your TP first, get it wet and stretched out. Then double print your image and the second it comes off the printer, put it on the TP. Don’t bother cutting it out.
    3. (print doesn’t have enough ink on it) Some people’s printers are setup to use as little ink as possible. The easiest way around this is to print it a third time.

    • Ha, not a great moment but maybe a funny awkward moment? I was thinking of Japanese Candid Camera when I wrote this so certainly NOT suggesting it but if there’s a way to capture the surprise on someone’s face….

      • I’m sure you’d have to be VERY close friends to record someone doing this..
        Maybe asking someone for some tissue from the bathroom to blow your nose? haha

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