May is Creative Beginnings Month

Much like New Year resolutions, I’m a fan of any opportunities that gives me the sense of a fresh start. This month celebrates creative beginnings, a chance to awaken those creative muscles you haven’t felt in a while. There are a lot of simple things you can do to get started. Here are a few that worked for me.

I heard on NPR the other day that the color Blue actually boosts creativity. It’s a learned association, think expansive skies, or open bodies of water. Being more creative doesn’t get any easier than simply incorporating more blue in you space. My wife always tells me she likes me in blue. Now I wonder if it really is a flattering color on me, or if I look like the ocean to her.

I’ve struggled to quit coffee on and off the last couple years. This spring, I finally fully quit coffee and regained my natural energy. What reinforced my commitment was coming across an article that talks about how to give up coffee. I really resonated with the effects of caffeine on creativity. Coffee is great when I need to get a lot of busy work done but it hinders my creativity when I work on new ideas because I literally can’t think straight. I tend to be more creative when I’m relaxed enough to be aware of my thoughts and can direct them. If you’ve been on the verge of quitting coffee, maybe this will give you the extra motivation. I still will enjoy a cup of coffee every once in awhile, just without the addiction.

You probably have seen me destroy art at some point. A few years ago, I spent an entire year creating an art series “Goodbye Art” where I destroyed each piece of art after making it. A lot of people ask me why I would destroy them after spending so much time and effort. I feel that practicing destruction is a vital part of staying in the creative flow. The act of destruction really helped me see the value of the creative process, and moved me towards letting go of the results. And letting go decluttered my creative space to make room for new creativity. So maybe next time you create something, destroy it and see how it feels.

Lastly, It has been discovered that a city of 1 million isn’t 10 times more creative than a city of 100,000 but 17 times more creative. We are a lot more creative together than in isolation. This is where we can really take advantage of the diverse social network platforms, which allow us to converse with a lot of people from different walks of lives. So here’s to collective creativity, I hope to be conversing with you through this blog. What are some things you’ve experienced that helps you be more creative? Please also feel free to expand or comment on anything I’ve mentioned above.

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